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▷ alias: nicholas goldschmidt
▷ personal history ( link )
▷ blood type: o
▷ knows the pyro's true gender from operating and check-ups and he's just that damn nosy
▷ sandvich, he knows how to make it — well, considering valve's gift cards, i should just consider it canon. this can point out that he makes the sandviches because he's good friends with heavy
▷ enjoys raiding heavy's book collection now and then as long as they're in english. why? see the next portion.
▷ languages: german, english, some russian, some french. with russian he can understand it, he just can't read it. got so used to heavy being around he picked up a few things.
▷ aquarius; february 10, 1926 -- therefore, he's 43 ( more details with symbols ) // 2:54 A.M.
▷ 1926: YEAR OF THE TIGER; fire element
▷ sure his wife cheated on him, but they aren't divorcing at all because of god knows why
▷ by the way, her name is lenore, and they agreed to name their first girl eliza ( that is a big giant if )
▷ but then, the doctor didn't want children because he's too busy. "can you imagine the children running down to my laboratory one day, only to destroy everything they touch! ach, nein!"
▷ he was bullied when he was a kid. owned a baby bird that the kids killed -- that's when he really snapped and began to kill his bullies in the most imaginative way possible.
▷ that gold robot heavy head around his medigun? ripped it off while it was still talking. that way he can chain it around any medigun he wants
▷ pyro's bird cage? that was originally medics
▷ apparently there's something about him and crossdresing. wearing a woman-styled white coat, wearing the feminine-styled ushanka ( though with the latter he's probably just pragmatic ), and the geisha boy —
▷ disney princess-y things: his doves? think snow white and giselle.
lady medic
▷ knows how to hotwire a car; he knows more than just medicine/psychology. there's mechanical knowledge, chemical, physics -- what a nerd.
▷ he has a bottle of an untested disease he calls contagion in his laboratory.
this would be his started pokemon
▷ archimedes! enjoys perching on some people because they wear red/have red hair because it reminds him of blood. ( i.e. melisandre )
The Doctor types with perfect vocabulary and grammar. However, sometimes he may end up typing in German if there's a mood whiplash of sorts now and then. Understandable, ja? but if hes high of his rockers it wont really be so neat ahahaAHAHAhAAAHOHOHOHOOHOHOHO......