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» IT'S LIKE THE CAT IN THE BOX, you don't know if it's alive or dead.

Primarily asexual/heterosexual, though may have a Thing about Russian men with big guns. To be elaborated later when I'm not tired. Some of these are to myself so I don't forget.

Here's what I got as to why his sexuality is like that--
Heavy: Situational, subtle. Their interaction, their lines, the achievements, lots of matching hats and outfits ( if this one gets in the game oh my g o d ), in-game mechanics and gameplay itself. In comparison to the other classes, they're bros. They're comrades.
Medic's wife: The only evidence but it "proves she's there" in comparison to the subtle connection with Heavy.

Here's something from the Gentleman's Ushanka that makes me laugh and question it at the same time: "Let the officer in your life..."

Medic is a doctor, and until the American Psychological Association declared and disregarded homosexuality as a psychological sickness in 1975, he is most probably inclined to believe someone is sick if so. Of course, this is Medic we're talking about. He throws out tradition and replaces it with his own reality. This paragraph makes no sense. Point: It's more likely that he's heterosexual.

I'm just rambling by now I will fix this soon. I'm also just waiting for Valve to confirm things, this is all I have to point out his possible sexuality. HALP

Not to say he's a very sexual/romantic man most of the time, but there must be a reason he got married. No idea if it's betrothal/actual love interest/his wife's a beard, but considering the timeline I can only assume one of those three. Also I read somewhere that he was actually a little sane before WW2 but I can't find it anymore.

If he really has a wife, there's probably a reason she cheated on him with the Demoman. No idea what the reason for it is too. ( Possibly a bit neglectful because he can be a workaholic, especially when he gets to open people up. Exciting!! )

Alternatively! Maybe it's unrequited love from Heavy's side, considering he has more lines about the Medic than vice versa, but then Medic doesn't have much class-specified lines sans shouting about Spies, Robot Snipers, and thanking Engie ( a canon nickname from Soldier and Medic ).

... I guess he's pretty flexible when it comes to interpretation. Medic and Heavy are very good friends, whether or not they become lovers, that I'm quite certain of.

The more I think about it, he'd probably experiment if it really is a sickness. Test it out himself at one point because it isn't first hand data, he'd have to have watched people instead. Can it be "cured" if it's really some sort of sickness?

( as a note: he is not homophobic. he's just a 60s man and canon hasn't proceeded past 1975 yet. )

He's also an Aquarius, based on Zodion's charts and other readings I've looked up on. Aquarius' are very detached, logical, scientific, but when they actually have feelings for a person it's strong — saying I Love You takes a lot of actual love, for example; he's passionate about his work, he can be passionate about people after a very, very long time of possible admiration. If it's not logical, it's mind-blowing. ( Maybe that's a reason why he got married, at least initially. )

He can get turned on by violence and blood, especially if he watches his lover -- man or woman -- tear people apart.

( note to self: fix sexuality for amat app-quality. )

tl;dr VALVE PLS/MEDIC'S SEXUALITY IS SCHRODINGER'S CAT; if he's somehow gotten attracted to someone, male or female ( the latter most likely ), then that's that.

» Medic's 42. He is not only a doctor, but a husband. Medic's no stranger to sex. WHATELSEDOIWRITEHERE.

» YES: Bloodplay, breath control, surgery, guro, bondage, bdsm ( blindfolds, leash & collar, whips ), toys, crossdressing, violence, rough sex, blindfolds, fingering, oral, anal, public, clothed, kissing — there's a few. I'll write down the rest later.
» MAYBE: Everything else not in no. If you're unsure, send me a message.
» NO: Golden showers, scat, vomit, bestiality

note: I don't really know how to make these properly.

» Let's go crazy. ♥