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app skeleton

Name/Handle: [[Whatever you want us to call you.]]
Age: [[No age requirement; however, only 18+ players may play out NC-17 threads.]]
Gender: [[We just want to know how you'd prefer us to refer to you.]]
Timezone: [[So we can get over our continental ethnocentrism.]]
Personal LJ: [[Not required, but preferred for organizational reasons.]]
E-Mail: [[Your primary e-mail address.]]
AIM/other: [[AIM is preferred, but not required.]]
Is English your primary language?: [[We want to know in order to give leeway, not to discriminate.]]


Series: [[The series your character hails from.]]
Series' Medium: [[Is it a game/show/movie/book? All of the above?]]

Character: [[Your character's full name / whatever they go by.]]
Age: [[Your character's actual age and the exact age that will be listed by the Institute.]]
Sex/Gender: [[Biological, mental, etc.]]
Canon Role: [[Protagonist, antagonist, sidekick, mentor, henchman, etc.?]]
"Real" Name: [[Their alternate, "real" name as listed by the Institute; cannot be a fantastical name or the name of any character from their canon. Characters who consciously keep their identity a secret may use their true name or a canon-based alias.]]

How long have you roleplayed your character, if at all?:
[[This will have no bearing on our decision; we're just curious.]]

Where have you roleplayed in general and/or with this specific character?:
[[Again, this will have no bearing.]]

Are you personally familiar with your character's canon?:
[[Please don't answer with just "yes" or "no"; we want you to tell us your exact level of exposure to the canon: how many games/episodes/books you've played/seen/read, if there's extra material you've covered, etc.]]

Please give us a personal history of your character's life and explain to us in detail how they grow and develop over the course of their canon:
[[Tell us how the events over the course of your character's canon have contributed to who they are now. Where did they start? What have they gone through? How have these experiences shaped them? Try to answer these questions in this section rather than summarizing the general plot of the series itself or giving a step-by-step explanation of everything your character has done in their canon; however, please do write this section so that it's accessible to someone unfamiliar with your character's series (e.g. briefly explain facets of their world, characters, plot points as they come up). Also be sure to stick to your character's established canon as much as possible; if you absolutely must include any material apart from the original canon (such as extrapolation, speculation, or additional non-canon sources), it must be clearly indicated as such and should be consistent with the canon already available. The personal history section CANNOT be longer than 3000 words. If it absolutely must go over the limit, please make sure to get our approval ahead of time and be aware it might cause your evaluation to take longer than normal.]]

What point in time are you taking your character from when he/she appears at Landel's and why?:
[[Are you taking them from the end of the series? Earlier? From just after your character's death? How will being pulled from this specific point in time affect their reaction to the new situation? How will it affect their interactions with others and/or potential canonmates? Etc.]]

Please give us a detailed description of your character's personality:
[[While we do want a great deal of thoughtful insight and analysis based on the canon, we only want as much as is reasonable for your particular character. If you feel your character is mysterious/minor enough that you need to guess on some aspects of their personality, please explain your reasoning at every step and extrapolate directly from the canon rather than purely speculating.]]

Please give us a physical description of your character:
[[Self-explanatory. If your character will be changing their form in any way while at Landel's, please describe them as they are in their canon and how they will be different in Landel's. Please also describe in detail any kind of visible robotic/genetic enhancements s/he may have and how/if you think they should be modified in the setting of Landel's.]]

What kinds of otherwordly abilities does your character have, if any?:
[[This includes magic/superpowers/mutations/physical enhancements/anything at all that would not be possible in our reality (regardless of what is considered the "norm" in your character's canon). Please review our description in our Powers section if you need any further clarification.]]

If present, how do you plan to tweak these powers to make your character appropriately hindered in the setting of Landel's?:
[[PLEASE REVIEW OUR POWERS SECTION IN DETAIL BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS SECTION; it gives specific guidelines on our standards for limitations. If we see any ambiguity about what your character would be able to do or feel that they are overpowered, it will significantly delay your response from us.]]

Does your character have any non-otherworldly abilities/training that surpass the norm?:
[[Are they a prestigious scholar? A martial arts master? A computer whiz? A spiritual guru? Please go into detail about any (humanly possible) above average expertise/training your character has in their canon.]]

What do you see your character doing in the scope of the game and how do you plan to use the setting of Landel's Institute to develop them and affect their psychology in a unique, interesting way?:
[[This is an extremely important section; we're looking for thoughtful answers that show canon-based understanding of how a character would act outside of their own world and without their usual social support and/or special abilities.

Given that this RP takes place in an unsettling and outright horrific environment, how do you justify your character as being appropriate in both body and mind for this kind of setting?:
[[This section doesn't need to be too detailed, but please do put in some extra thought and analysis if your character comes from a canon that could be considered incompatible with a mature horror/survival setting or if your character is of a young age.]]

Third-Person Sample:

[[Replace this block of text with a sample post for your character in third person, past tense. We aren’t asking you to use a preset situation; just write him/her doing something that will give us a better idea of how you interpret him/her and a better understanding of how you approach writing in general. Your sample should be 500 words or more, should be from your character's point of view, and should be from a point in time in the character's life consistent with the characterization you'd be using while playing them in the RP. (Reusing a sample from a previous app to another community is totally fine so long as it meets the above criteria and represents your current writing style.)]]

First-Person Sample:

[[Replace this block of text with a sample journal post, first person. The length of this sample can fluctuate depending on your character's personality and habits in their canon; in fact, it might be OOC for your character to write at all! Just let us know your reasoning.]]


[[Finally, please attach one or more pictures of your character to your email so we can get an idea of who you're talking about. (An official, full-body photo/illustration would be best, but if such a picture doesn't exist, go with whatever best alternative you can find.) If your character is obscure to the point that you don't have any pictures at all, please say so here and make sure that your physical description is as fleshed-out as it can possibly be. If you're apping an animal/android/ethereal character who will be appearing in a human form at Landel's, still send us a picture of their original form, and, optionally, you can send us a picture of someone who looks similar to how your character's human form would look.]]

Completely optional question for first-time applicants: How did you find out about this RP and why are you interested in playing in it?: